How To Use A Car Wax And Car Polish?

To see your car buried in dusts and dirt is very discouraging. You do not want to drive a car that very dirty. It will not only get bad comments and attention from critics but it will also slow down your driving speeds because of the dirt that has stuck on your wheels. No matter how fast your drive, those dirt and dusts will still slow you down. You really need to clean it.

However, aside from cleaning, you also need to maintain its look and appeal by using a car wax and a car polish. Using a car shampoo is also recommended when cleaning and washing your car, but good maintenance does not stop there. You need to make your car look shiny and free from scratches and dusts.

How to use a car wax? It actually does a different job than a polish. The wax basically gives your paintwork a good shine by filling in imperfections. But in addition to the gloss it gives your car, wax also allows the paintwork to be durable, protecting it against scratches. Not only will your car appear to be uninspiring and lackluster without the wax, it will also be very vulnerable to wear – and very shady types with sharp keys looking to vandalize cars.

How to use a car polish? It needs to be used before the wax because it takes out the grime or grease from car paints. A polish uses an abrasive action to get rid of very fine particles, flattening out the surface to allow for equal reflection of light. So your car gets that sophistication associated with gloss. Polishes can come in different varieties, from sprays to creams. If you apply the wax before the polish, you’ll end up sealing the dirt or grease from the car paint. So remember this mantra: polish on, wax on.

Now you know how to use both a car wax and polish. Always bear in mind that your car is a very important investment. Hence, it is suggested to take double care of it. Always aim to make it look good and aim for its good driving performance. Your car will definitely reflect yourself, so make sure that it is clean and shiny. Regularly wash it. Clean it as soon as you finish using it especially when you are driving in muddy places. These are just simple car care tips you can follow. Check out more about this here.

Classic Car Restoration and Dash Board Rejuvenation Considered

If you own a custom street rod or classic car, you obviously want it in mint condition. That means both exterior and interior. Needless to say the outside needs to be freshly detailed, and yet, what about the inside, most folks who have daily-driver classic cars often neglect these things. But, since I know a thing or two about auto-detailing let me give you some pointers on dashboard rejuvenation techniques.

You see, when cleaning and rejuvenating your cars dashboard, it is often a matter of preference. Some people like a shiny dashboard and they use an Armor All type product with a bright shine, others think this looks obnoxious. You don’t have to have a shiny dash board to rejuvenate it or get it perfectly clean.

Indeed, if it is too shiny there might be glare onto the windshield and this can be aggravating or cause your eyes to tire as you drive. Below are some tips;

1. First, a thorough cleaning is very important. This means getting in all the cracks, using a soft-bristle tooth brush, toothpicks (plastic or wood), and it means you need to pull out those vents, soak them in soapy water and clean all around those openings.

2. You’d be surprised how must dust and debris is around the steering column and between the windshield and dashboard. You are going to have to spend the time and do this right.

3. It is paramount that you choose the right cleaner because it is easy to discolor your dashboard, and the older it is due to those years of UV light abuse, the easier it is to mess up.

4. Never spray anything, including window cleaner onto the clear plastic area where the speedometer is, as they can easily fog up permanently.

5. For cleaning I recommend those handy-wipes with vinyl cleaner in them. If not use a micro-fiber towel or small bathroom hand towel. Always spray the cleaner onto the towel, not directly onto the dashboard.

6. Sometimes, especially if it has been a while or if you smoke, there will be a good degree of crud and film on the dashboard, so this might take awhile. If you are applying a lot of pressure, fine, but do a little at a time and make sure you are not discoloring the vinyl or coatings.

7. After you have it perfectly clean now you need to apply the conditioner. This is where you need to make sure if you want it to be glossy or just regular (but protected and clean). Be sure to read the label before you purchase it.

Speaking of labels, always follow directions, different types of auto detailing products are designed to work specific ways, do not deviate from those instructions until you’ve used the product a few times, and understand how it works, and its limitations.

Carpet Cleaning 101: Removing Spilled Ink From Your Carpet

A carpet can really make a lot of difference in making a home more beautiful and appealing. The problem is that keeping a carpet clean and fresh is a lot harder than it sounds. There are all sorts of cleaning problems that carpet owners have to deal with on a daily basis, and one of these are ink stains. Ink is probably one of the most common sources of carpet stains. Pens and Markers used for school, work, or writing daily notes can lead to some very discouraging situations.

So how exactly do you remove spilled ink from your carpet? If you are not knowledgeable you might just end up making the spill worse and spreading the stain in the process. To guide you in this challenging task, below are some simple yet effective steps that you can take to make removing ink stains from your carpet a whole lot easier.

  1. Remove the Excess Ink – Before you can attack the ink stain itself, you would first need to clear the soiled area of the excess liquid. For this, get a clean sponge or white cloth and dab the stain with it. This will help absorb the ink so that all that you are left with is the actual stain on your carpet.
  2. Apply Rubbing Alcohol on the Stain – Next, get some rubbing alcohol and pour some of it onto a cotton ball. This will help you control the amount of alcohol that you will be using. Dab it onto the stain several times and then use a clean white cloth to blot the stain. You will instantly see that the ink will be transferring slowly onto the cloth. This is a good sign, which means that the process is working. Repeat this step until the ink is completely removed. It may take a while but you will eventually get rid of the stain.
  3. Rinse the Area with Water – When cleaning all kinds of stains on your carpet, it is always important to rinse the area with water once you are done. This prevents any build-up of residue, which may be left behind after you are finished cleaning.

Ink spills on your carpet do not have to be a frustrating experience for you anymore. If ever you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, don’t be discouraged, just follow the simple steps above and you will be able to clean that ink stain off your carpet.

Learn How To Organize Your Garage With These Simple To Follow Tips

Has your garage turned into a glorified storage shed? Do you have it jam packed to the rafters with boxes and bins full of garage sale stuff, Holiday decorations, beach toys? Is it now out of the question to get a rake or shovel or maybe a edger when it’s needed? Are your tools everywhere but where they should be?

Do you need to shove away unwanted junk just to get to the lawn mower? Do you dream of the day when you can once again park your car in the garage? If you answered yes to one of these questions, it’s a good possibility you need to organize your garage.

Just think, if your garage was cleaned and organized you could actually park your car in it. You can go from your car to the house and stay dry in bad weather. You could do projects in your garage, you’ll be able to find a tool when you need one. You can use your garage for what it was ment for, not just a large storage unit. Listed below are a few tips to help you reclaim your garage and make the most of it once again.

First, what do you plan on using the garage for? Is it to park your car/motorcycle or do plan on having a workshop? Do you need space for storing boxes, hobby stuff,exercise equipment. Do you need to store your lawn mower and gardening tools, bikes, strollers, scooters, ride-on toys, sports equipment?

It’s very helpful to write down the things you plan on using your garage for and the items you need to store there. Next, determine what area of the garage should be used for that purpose as well as what types of items you want stored in the garage. Make a list of the tools and material you’ll need. Such as, purchasing shelving, storage containers, bike racks, tool organizers, peg boards, hooks, etc.

You should completely empty your garage and sort through everything. By doing this, you’ll see just how much stuff you have, what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. Remember anything you no longer want is something for a garage sale for some extra cash in your pocket. After you remove everything you should sweep it real good. You need a good completely clean area to work with.

Be sure to keep in mind the available space you have when you start organizing your garage. The walls and ceiling are great for hanging bikes and other sporting equipment, yard tools.. rakes, shovels, brooms etc. There are numerous varieties of shelving you could use from free standing to floating, organization grids, cabinet systems, hanging bin systems and hanging bike racks.

You should store your children’s toys down low so it’s easy to get to them and to put them back. It can also be useful to put smaller items in system drawers. Another good idea is to put nuts, bolts, washers, screws, nails etc. in jars with labels. You can use buckets for loose tools and other small items.

If you can follow these simple tips you’ll have a new place to park your car, you’ll know where everything is, and one of the best parts is you’ll have a garage sale and put some cash in your pocket. Oh yeah, I’ll bet you’re going to feel a total sense of accomplishment and pride each time you walk through your clean and organized garage.

Sand From the Beach – How to Clean & Keep the Sand Out of Your Home & Car From the Beach!

Sand belongs on the beach and not in your car or home. Everyone loves the beach, but unfortunately the sand loves to follow you when you leave. Though it is virtually impossible to keep every grain of sand on the beach and not in your car or home, a few basic steps can tremendously lower the amount.

1. Always wear sandals on the beach and not shoes that can trap sand.

2. Always carry toys, magazines, snacks, towels and other beach accessories in a mesh bag to allow the sand to fall out verse getting trapped in the bag to eventually end up in your car or home.

3. Place a tote in your trunk to place all beach bags, towels and chairs. The tote can be taken out of your car when you get home to wash off everything inside it.

4. Keep a small hose with attachment to wash feet off before entering your home.

5. Keep a bowl with water by the door and a towel on a hook. Clean your feet off before entering the house when coming home from the beach by sticking your feet in the bowl. Remember to put fresh water daily in the bowl to prevent bugs from attracting like mosquitoes.

6. Consider buying the Hoover Nomad Cordless Pressure Washer. Great to keep in your trunk to hose off feet, toys or chairs before getting into the car. This small unit holds 3.5 Gallons of water and is great at the beach, sporting events and anything imaginable outdoors. Long hose, 90 PSI and long battery life.

7. Keep your doormats by your home clean and new. Doormats do a tremendous job in attracting dirt when newer. Shake out regularly and spray down with a hose periodically. Keep your indoor mats clean daily and wash them weekly.

8. Consider an outdoor changing area to allow sandy bathing suits to stay outside and not inside a bedroom or bathroom. Rinse off the suit before bringing in a home.

9. Have a good stick vacuum near your entry areas to the home to capture the sand quickly. The three best stick vacuums are the Hoover Platinum Stick Vacuum, Oreck Rechargeable PR8000 and Karcher Sweeper.

10. The best vacuums indoor for capturing sand once inside the home are the Oreck XL 2000, Hoover C1404 and Koblenz Upright Vacuum.

The beach can be a very relaxing experience. Following these steps can make leaving the beach less stressful by bringing less of the beach sand home with you.