RC Drift Car General Maintenance

While RC drift and touring cars are not known for getting covered in mud and filth it is undoubtedly worth cleaning them on a regular basis to ensure they remain in tip-top condition. Fortunately, drifters are on-road cars and don’t get plastered in mud. However, over time, the build up of dirt and grime can affect your cars performance.

We recommend that you clean your vehicle after every time you take it out. Mostly because we just like tinkering with cars! You can get away with cleaning your drift car after every other run. It all depends on the weather and how dusty the track is you have been racing on. Just remember, if you are a professional RC drifter, make sure you car has been cleaned well BEFORE a race event.

Useful tools for top maintenance:

A pack of hand wipes – If you’re messing with you car then you’re going to get your hands dirty.

A Brush – Either a standard paint brush or specialist RC brush is great for removing dust.

A Towel – Emergency towel for soaking up spillages.

Pit Mat – Rubber or plastic pit mats can help prevent lost parts or ruining the kitchen table.

Tooth Picks – Great for scraping dirt out of those hard to reach places.

Cotton Buds – When soaked in white spirit these are perfect for cleaning specific areas of you car.

An Air Compressor – Blast away the dust and dirt with this amazing tool. Also available in a can!

If you’re like us, your drift car body shell is of extreme importance, as we all know looking the part is key to drifting. During your drift career you are likely to scuff your car on many occasions and maybe even crash and roll your car during a race! Your shell will show the marks of these accidents so it’s vital you keep it clean. Most marks will come off with white spirit and a bit of elbow grease. Most dust and dirt can be washed off with a wet towel or a dry brush.

Occasionally you may hit a large puddle when you are driving in the rain. It’s important to remember that your car’s electronics will cease to work when exposed to too much water. Your motor, receiver, speed controller and servos can be costly so avoid placing these parts in contact with water. Should you get any of your electronics wet remove them immediately from the car, use a towel to wipe off any excess water, and place them in a warm, dry environment such as your airing cupboard. Leave the parts there for 24 hours and they should be safe to use again.

TOP TIP: If you will be racing on a wet surface spray the chassis and other parts of the car with WD-40. This will waterproof your car and prevent mud from sticking. Don’t do this on a dry dirt track though, as the dust will simply stick to the WD-40!

If you are fortunate enough to own an air compressor then cleaning your car can be extremely fun. Remove the body shell and all major components and set to work with the compressor. Just be careful not to blow excess dirt and dust in to parts of the car that can be damaged such as the motor or servo joints.

These simple tips can help you to maintain the performance of your RC drift car. By cleaning regularly you will be able to prolong the life of your parts and prevent any unnecessary accidents caused damaged components

Basic Motorcycle Maintenance Tips for Owners

Riding motor cycle can be exhilarating. When it comes to maintenance, we all depend on repair shop, but every owner should develop a sense of confidence every time they ride with respect to basic maintenance knowledge. It is highly essential to avoid unforeseen mechanical failures. Basic technical knowhow helps keeping the motor cycle fit and running without hassle. Now, there is no need to get admitted into an automobile training school. Are you thinking of mastering your own motor cycle repair? Absolutely not required! Basic maintenance skill will help you stay independent, save time, save money and save yourself from accidents.

Change the engine oil:

Your motor cycle has an owner’s manual where you can find out the frequency of engine oil change. Generally, technicians advise to change the oil after riding 2500 kilometres. Sometimes, this figure varies as per the type of oil used (mineral, semi-synthetic, fully synthetic). So you can change the oil using a wrench. It’s not that difficult.

Check tire pressure:

You just need a tyre gauge to check the pressure. Generally, manufacturers recommend an ambient temperate I.e, when the tyres is cold to check pressure. Pressure recommendation vary based on specific model. These details can be found in the manual. If the pressure is low, consider filling air. If you have a personal compressor or simply a bicycle pump at home do it now.

Clean the air filter:

Whether it is a paper filter, cotton filter, or foam filter inspect the cleanliness every time you change engine oil. Remove the filter from its housing and clean it properly following manual. If it is a paper filter, you can’t clean it. For satisfaction, blow air for cleaning. If it is a foam one, use air flow and in case of cotton, cleaning fluid can be used. It will help your engine get plenty of fresh air.

Check the battery:

Battery performance depends on quality and maintenance. If the battery is older than 3 years, it’s time to be cautious. You must inspect and change it immediately if it doesn’t keep charge. If you face dim light, problem in start, etc. check the voltage scale test using a multimeter.

Grease cables and chain:

It is very important to oil and grease cable housing, chain and some other jerk fittings. Consider greasing in points like sliding points, pivoting points and rotating points. So lubricate whenever you find these places dry.

Clean the body:

This task should be performed in a regular interval to protect the motor cycle from dirt, and to protect the original paint. Regular cleaning also helps avoid junk in iron parts and maintain a shiny look.

All the above needs a little effort to upkeep the vehicle and enjoy a worry free ride. These maintenance efforts require a little automotive technical knowledge. Once you start doing tem, everything will be easy.

Vacuuming Outdoors – How to Use a Vacuum Outside Your Home

You may think that your vacuum is made for vacuuming carpet and rugs only, and you would have never expected that you could take your vacuum outdoors. Here are some places that you might want to use your vacuum cleaner.

The Car

Instead of sticking quarter after quarter into your car to get it vacuumed at the self-serve car wash, you can do it yourself. Let’s face it: the vacuums at the car wash never work well (and why should they? If they worked well, you could get your entire car cleaned in two minutes, making it unnecessary to feed dollar after dollar in quarters into the machine). You can do the job yourself (and for free) in just a couple of minutes and get better results.

The Boat And RV

If you like to explore the great outdoors on the weekends, you probably have either a boat or an RV. These are easy to vacuum with a regular vacuum. If your boat is wet from skiers, make sure that you wait for it to dry or use a shop vacuum to suck up the dirt and water.

Wait, Wait, Wait… Those Places Aren’t Exactly “Outdoors”

OK, you are right. You probably want to know how to use your vacuum outside your house. If you have a long enough power cord, you are going to be able to vacuum nearly anywhere.

The first place to vacuum is your deck. If you have a blow feature on your vacuum cleaner, it is going to be super easy to do. Otherwise, it won’t hurt to suck up the dried up leaves and bugs into your bagless vacuum cleaner. Plus, you can just empty the canister over the side of the deck and be done with the whole chore in a matter of seconds (just make sure to empty the canister down wind from the deck, otherwise everything will just blow back onto the deck).

After you are done with your deck, wheel your vacuum cleaner into the garage. You may be sweeping every week, but look up instead. With the hose and extension wands, get rid of the cobwebs and clear off any dust on the storage boxes.

After cleaning up the yard, you can blow the grass clippings off of the sidewalk with your vacuum cleaner. Sure, you could get out the leaf blower and use that, but that would probably involve putting gas into it, getting it started and then draining the gas when you are finished. With a vacuum, you just have to plug it in and turn it to blow.

With a vacuum cleaner that you aren’t afraid to take outside, you are going to find more uses for it and it is going to help you save time. The only thing that you need is a long extension cord to allow you to go where you want to go.

Car Cleaning Products

Since we live in a world how cleanliness is adjacent to godliness, we try our best to livelihood our ownership in healthful order. Whether it be our place or our treasure vehicles, we want these things to stay nice and shiny. Best of us be presumption to take better care of our vehicles than we do ourselves. As oddly as that sounds, it could possibly be due to the numerous car cleaning products at our disposal. No matter your shining ask, you will certainly find a quality car cleaning merchandise that does the trick.

In our society there is an in progress jape concerning men and their cars. Men often pulling out all the boodle when it come up up to their SUV or athletics car. In fact, car cleaning products are no laughing substance. As Luck Would Have It, these days there is everything from higher-up car waxes to get the paint job in pristine condition, to shampoos that will leave the inside of your drive smell like new. If you venture out to any mulct automobile store or level Wal-marketplace, you will be overwhelmed with car cleaning products. Then come up up the picking and choosing. How do you know which ones are the best, and which 1 are preferred for your car? Well, it’s time to bend to the Internet. The Internet can provide you with utile feedback on a variety of car cleaning products that have been used by others just like yourself. Check and see how each wares is rated.

When it comes to car cleaning products, many savor the esthetic results, but may not conceive the saving aspects. By pickings good care of your vehicle, you definitely prolong the life of the car. For representative, if you wax your car erstwhile a month and give the paint that ultimate protection from the elements, then it will best likely not show as much harm down the road. The sun, rainfall, and snowfall will have problem keen the shield of your car wax. It’s well worth the try in the long run. This locomote the same for your car’s inside. The sun can be damaging to your style and vinyl or leather. If you living it clean and secure, it is much less likely to crack. There are a number of car cleaning products that can help you with this deed. No matter the extent of compulsion with your vehicle, you don’t have to scrap the battle alone. Online you will get car cleaning products galore with specifications to suit your necessarily, no matter what vehicle you own. The life and beauty of your car is of importation to you, not to reference if you mean to sell it ulterior. Quality car cleaning products are a must when it comes to owning and caring for a vehicle.

Mobile Valeting Service – The Right Choice to Keep Your Car Clean

Is your car dirty and parked in your porch? Are you having a heavy workload and unable to do a car wash? Want to give your car a service while parked at your office parking area? Take your phone and call a mobile valeting service to help you in these situations.

Mobile valeting services offer the customer almost a complete car care service. Many companies and websites are available, who provide services like basic car wash to whole car professional works, at your place, nowadays. Some companies provide a wide variety of services other than servicing, like interior works, professional advices, etc. Not only cars, vehicles like tractors, agricultural vehicles, caravans, etc. can also be serviced by these facilities.

Think how much effort you should put to completely clean your car, if you are doing it all yourself. Firstly, you should clean all your seats, vacuum the fitted mats, shampoo wash the carpets, clean the mirror and glasses, water wash the exteriors, etc. and waste the whole day. Still you won’t get the best results. Of course, you can do something creative and more productive rather than wasting your precious time cleaning your car that is already messed up.

By booking a valeting service, you are calling for a van fully loaded with equipment and products to fulfill your demands for your vehicle, at your doorstep. All you need to do is search for the best service provider at your place, call the one you have chosen. Negotiate your need for the service to the expert and fix an appropriate time convenient for both. Then, wait for the van to reach your doorstep, to clean up the mess and clear your problems.

There are some places you cannot reach and some tasks you cannot accomplish when it comes to car servicing. Think how helpful it will be, if you get a chance to get all those done sitting in your place. Just give a call and tell your problem to a valetor, if you are too lazy to drive your car to a center.

A valetor’s van will be fully equipped with high quality tools and products to take care of your vehicle, at the best. They can provide you with best services anywhere, under any circumstances, as they will be travelling with electricity from generators and water, from water tanks, within the van.

The thing you should keep in mind while calling for a valeting service is that, whether the company provides a budget friendly service. Another important point, is the products and chemicals used. Check whether quality products and tools are used in your vehicles.