Dry Cleaning Tips

Most of the things we use are cleaned either by machine wash or hand wash. Yet delicate fabrics or garments with detailed embellishments are supposed to be maintained by dry cleaning. Dry cleaning, just like other maintenance methods, is helpful in extending the life of the materials. Some of us tend to put away some clothes without cleaning them as we are not certain on how they may be cleaned. Yet this is obviously a wrong practice in caring for our belongings as the stains on the clothes will be the main cause of their immediate deterioration.

Thus having the delicate garments dry cleaned prior to storage will be a more beneficial idea. This method utilize special fluids for removing the stains and soils on the fabric. In effect, the fluids can help dissolve oils and greases that water could possibly remove. Dry cleaning is also advantageous for fabrics made with natural fibers such as silk and wood since they may become loose, distorted or shrunken when washed with ordinary water. Other household stuffs like drapes, linens and blankets may also be dry cleaned.

There are home kits that can be helpful in removing minor stains yet if you want to be more free from the hassles of DIY dry cleaning and if you want a guaranteed dry cleaning result, better take your items to professional dry cleaners. When looking for a reliable cleaner, make a point to check if the cleaner pays attention to what you need. As you present the clothes to the cleaner, the items must be thoroughly inspected and impertinent questions need to be asked by the staff like the stains on the fabric and others.

Check also the offered services of the cleaner. Some dry cleaners offer not just the actual dry cleaning but also ironing services and gown preservation. Special dresses such as wedding gown are preferred by a number of brides to be preserved so that even if they store the dresses away in the cabinet, the dresses will still remain looking great. Old gowns may also be restored by some dry cleaners to remove some offensive odors or other minor damages.

You may also want to check if the company uses solvents which are safe for people and for the environment. Check the company’s affiliation to groups and associations of professional cleaners. Members of such organizations are typically required to undergo ongoing trainings so they are up-to-date with the current trend of the trade. This is to ensure that members of the organization can provide excellent services.

Before making a final deal with the dry cleaner, ensure that you know who will be held liable in case your items end up damaged and any options should unexpected circumstances happen. For example, a piece of your garment got lost while under the care of the dry cleaner; the company must pay you the amount of your lost item.

On your part, make sure that you keep your ticket in a safe place so it will not get lost. Lost ticket may result to some difficulties in claiming the items.

4 Tips for Increasing the Resale Value of Your Ute

Cars depreciate, whether we like it or not. One of the best ways to have your ute hold it’s value is to keep it in tip top condition, both by keeping it free from scratches and by keeping it purring under the hood. But what are some other ways?

Whether you’re looking to resell your ute now, or have just purchased a new ute and you want it to hold it’s value, we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to get more return on your investment.

1. Install a ute canopy

Adding a ute canopy to your ute makes the car a lot more useful. The canopy offers protection from the elements for the load that you’re carrying, a lockable exterior and a clean finish to the back of your car. Adding a quality ute canopy will add value to your ute.

2. Add a bull bar

If you’re out in roo country, or do any distance driving, then a bull bar is an essential piece of kit for your ute. Anyone planning on buying your ute from you will want to have a bull bar installed to protect them from critters jumping out in front of them too. With a bull bar already installed, it saves your buyer the cost of adding one – and so increases the value of your ute.

3. Schedule regular detailings

We all know that regular outside cleans help keep your ute in top condition, but do you do regular inside cleans? The inside of people’s utes can get pretty grubby, what with pie spills, muddy boots, and what not. If you’re not the type that can be bothered cleaning the inside of your ute yourself, schedule it in for regular detailing at the experts. Think of it like taking your ute in for a service – a must do activity.

4. Keep records of servicing

It might seem a little obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people forget to do this! Keeping log books of services, along with receipts is a really good habit to get into. Potential buyers are far more likely to purchase the same car that has regular servicing records, than the one that doesn’t have them. Many garages offer their own log books, to help you keep track.

Your ute is an asset – and as such you should take care of it so that when it’s time for resale you’ll be able to fetch the highest price. More cash at resale means more cash in your pocket – maybe for your next new ute!

Pinstriping Brushes – 3 Tips on Care and Maintenance of Pinstriping Brushes

If you want to create the perfect pinstriping designs on any vehicle you need to make sure that the brushes you use have been well cared for. In this article we offer some tips on how to care for pinstriping brushes so that they won’t have to be replaced any time soon.

1. The glue used to hold the bristles of the pinstriping brushes to the handle are water soluble and if exposed to water too much then it will become softened. Because of this the hairs will eventually become loose and start to fall out so avoid cleaning them in water if you can.

To clean the brush it is far better if you use a mineral spirit instead. It is best to initially rinse the brushes in the minerals spirits you have been using for cleaning the pallet whilst you are pinstriping. Although the cup in which the spirits is may look unusable remember you are using this to get most of the paint out of the brush.

After you have rinsed in the used spirits now to get rid of even more of the paint wipe the brush with a paper towel. Then having poured some fresh mineral spirits into another cup or jar you will be able to wash the rest of the paint out from it. Remember don’t just to wash the hairs of the brushes in the spirits but also the furrel as well.

You will recognize that your brush is thoroughly clean because no more paint will appear on the fresh paper towel you have used. After you are happy that the pinstriping brushes have been thoroughly cleaned you squeeze a small amount of 3 in 1 oil on to it and then shape it with your fingers. Using the oil prevents any oil that remains not to become and hardened and which could ultimately ruin the brush.

2. Although you may find it difficult to handle the brushes initially you should never be tempted to trim them. Sometimes however there may be a need to remove a small amount of the brushes tip but b before you do so you need to look closely at your pinstriping brush first. If you then decide to trim off any of the hairs then do so very carefully.

When trimming it is crucial that you oil the brush first as this will help it form the natural shape and then lay the brush flat on a sheet of paper or some other white surface. Doing this you will then see just what needs to be trimmed and very carefully using a sharp razor blade trim only the smallest amounts of the brushes hair as you need to from the tip. If you take off too much hair this will make the tip of the brush blunt and it won’t be able to create those perfect pinstripes for you.

3. If you find that your brushes begin to develop kinks or waves in them then you should find this problem relatively easy to fix. To remove these kinks or waves you first need to rinse any pinstriping brushes thoroughly in the mineral spirits and then rinse them very carefully in water. However, you must make sure that the furrel into which the hairs are set does not get wet and then dab the brushes on a paper towel to help remove as much water as possible.

After removing as much of the excess water as you can now add a little dish soap to the hairs and then shape the brush using your fingers. If the problem isn’t too severe then lay the pinstriping brushes flat, but if it is then put it between the pages of a book which will help to press it flat. You need to leave the brushes like this for around a week then after this time rinse the soap out with mineral spirits and hopefully its original shape will have been restored.

Learn How To Organize Your Garage With These Simple To Follow Tips

Has your garage turned into a glorified storage shed? Do you have it jam packed to the rafters with boxes and bins full of garage sale stuff, Holiday decorations, beach toys? Is it now out of the question to get a rake or shovel or maybe a edger when it’s needed? Are your tools everywhere but where they should be?

Do you need to shove away unwanted junk just to get to the lawn mower? Do you dream of the day when you can once again park your car in the garage? If you answered yes to one of these questions, it’s a good possibility you need to organize your garage.

Just think, if your garage was cleaned and organized you could actually park your car in it. You can go from your car to the house and stay dry in bad weather. You could do projects in your garage, you’ll be able to find a tool when you need one. You can use your garage for what it was ment for, not just a large storage unit. Listed below are a few tips to help you reclaim your garage and make the most of it once again.

First, what do you plan on using the garage for? Is it to park your car/motorcycle or do plan on having a workshop? Do you need space for storing boxes, hobby stuff,exercise equipment. Do you need to store your lawn mower and gardening tools, bikes, strollers, scooters, ride-on toys, sports equipment?

It’s very helpful to write down the things you plan on using your garage for and the items you need to store there. Next, determine what area of the garage should be used for that purpose as well as what types of items you want stored in the garage. Make a list of the tools and material you’ll need. Such as, purchasing shelving, storage containers, bike racks, tool organizers, peg boards, hooks, etc.

You should completely empty your garage and sort through everything. By doing this, you’ll see just how much stuff you have, what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. Remember anything you no longer want is something for a garage sale for some extra cash in your pocket. After you remove everything you should sweep it real good. You need a good completely clean area to work with.

Be sure to keep in mind the available space you have when you start organizing your garage. The walls and ceiling are great for hanging bikes and other sporting equipment, yard tools.. rakes, shovels, brooms etc. There are numerous varieties of shelving you could use from free standing to floating, organization grids, cabinet systems, hanging bin systems and hanging bike racks.

You should store your children’s toys down low so it’s easy to get to them and to put them back. It can also be useful to put smaller items in system drawers. Another good idea is to put nuts, bolts, washers, screws, nails etc. in jars with labels. You can use buckets for loose tools and other small items.

If you can follow these simple tips you’ll have a new place to park your car, you’ll know where everything is, and one of the best parts is you’ll have a garage sale and put some cash in your pocket. Oh yeah, I’ll bet you’re going to feel a total sense of accomplishment and pride each time you walk through your clean and organized garage.

Tips for Cleaning Rexine Made Products

Rexine can very easily be defined as a registered trademark of any artificial leather that is produced by the United Kingdom. It is basically made of a cloth that is surfaced with the help of a mixture comprised of cellulose nitrate. Other major components are pigment, camphor oil and alcohol. This is also used as a material for the purpose of bookbinding as well as upholstery covering. Rexine is also used widely used for the purpose of upholstering and trimming all the interiors of motor vehicles that have continuously been produced by the British car manufacturers. Apart from motor vehicles, they are also used for railway carriages.

Artificial leather

Rexine is described as a brand of an artificial leather. It is particularly very durable which means that it is also a high- end product. This durability has ended up satisfying millions of users around the globe. You can also be one of these customers. There is a need of materials made with Rexine because of the high level of sophistication and comfort that they offer. Below are a few tips that you can follow while cleaning Rexine.

1. Don’t overdo it

This is the secret to cleaning cloth materials. You never have to overdo the cleaning because it can seriously damage the product. A minimum amount of cleaning can also go a long way.

2. Use appropriate agents and tools

Not every tool or agent will be good enough to clean the material appropriately. You need to make sure that the tools you use are appropriate enough. There should be no room for error as far as these tools are concerned.

3. Don’t clean often

Yes, Rexine materials do not require cleaning regularly. If you do it seldom, it is more than enough. This is the best thing that Rexine products and materials possess. They are easy to manage and use which means that are low- maintenance.

4. Don’t damage the leather

As you know that the leather is artificial. This means that you must take adequate care of this leather. Even a slight damage can cause problems in the long run.

If the above tips are followed without fail, you will be able to safeguard Rexine for a long period of time. This is exactly we require as users or customers and this is exactly what you will be able to get in the long run. It is one of the important things to remember.